Quick Weight Loss with Watermelon Juice Ingredients Watermelon – One Cup Crushed Why is watermelon good for weight loss The most significant advantage of eating watermelonsfor weight loss is their low calorie content.

In accordance to the USDA National NutrientDatabase, watermelon has only 30 calories per 100 grams, which is extremely low if comparedto any other kind of foods types.

Consuming less to lose weight is not reallyeasy if you are feeling hungry while dieting.

For weight loss diet, the key is to consumefoods which aid you in feeling full for longer and watermelon is an excellent food for prolonging fullness.

Mint Leaves – Four to Five Leaves Why are mint leaves good for weight loss Mint leaves have many added advantages like proper digestion and weight loss, aid from nausea, exhaustion and stress, and skin careproblems.

Mint is a superb appetizer and it encourages digestion.

Ginger – One Tablespoon Crushed Why is ginger good for weight loss Ginger aids to feel full, so ingesting gingeror drinking ginger water will help suppress the feeling to overeat.

High amount of cortisol can lead to weightgain, primarily making it challenging to get rid of belly fat and studies show that gingerreduces cortisol generation Quick look at Ingredients Watermelon – One Cup Crushed Mint Leaves – Four to Five Leaves Ginger – One Tablespoon Crushed ProcedureMix watermelon, mint leaves and ginger and grind them.

Add the mixture to water and stir well.

Drink this juice early morning for fifteendays to get rid of belly fat forever.

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