Welcome to fat over 40, my names Miles andin this episode we are going to look at 3 free things you that you can do todayNow if you are new to the channel please subscribe there is a new film every single Friday andif you like what you hear please give us a thumbs up alos if you know somebody who wouldlike to watch this video then please share it but more importantly get involved and commentdown below let me know what you think So 3 it’s a bit of a tongue twister this3 free things that you can do today to get you on your weight loss journeyAt number 1 drink more water water from the tap it’s free and you know how good it isfor you I’ve done a video on water and there should be a little link appearing above myhead you can click that our you can check out the comment section down below at theend of the video and learn more about how much you should be drinking a day but on averageabout 2 litres is what you should be having and if you are exercising a lot then you mightneed to up that to maybe 3 or 4 litres it’s so good for your body and so good for yourskin and so good for your wellbeing you have got to get involved and get more water downyou now that part is free but if you want to spice you can add some lemon it up or jazzup your water you can add some lemon for a nice lemon water we know that’s good foryou too or you can put some cucumber in it that’s my wife favourite at the moment oryou can add some mint to your water all quite low cost things that you can spice it up withoutadding extra high sugar concentrated juices to itIf you want to go wild look what I’ve done here I’ve added all 3 to my jug of waterif this takes a litre I know once I’ve drunk it I’ve done at least one litre of my waterintake for the day so tip number one is get more water down youNumber 2 be more active at work you know most of us we go to the office and sit down andwe don’t really move a lot for the day but there is a couple of things that you can dowhy not get off a stop early on the bus or on the tube? And walk a little way to workinstead of taking the lift take the stairs instead of sending an email to the colleagueat the other end of the room get up and walk over there and have a conversation with themin real life maybe at lunchtime if you get an hour for lunch take 15 – 20 minutes toeat your food but then get yourself out for a half an hour 40 minute walk be more activeat work and it will start to make a difference to you and it’s totally freeAnd the last one in at number 3 is sleep now we know this if free but most of us don’tget enough sleep for one reason or another but you do need to try and get at least your8 hours in a night if you possibly can you know if you need to go to bed earlier andwhen you do get chance to sleep in then do it it’s not being lazy especially if youare doing lots of exercise its so important for you body’s repair process you maybesleeping but your body is still working on recovering your muscles as you sleep so youcan do a few things to help don’t be busy on your gadgets just before you go to bedthose bright lights they stimulate you and stop you from drifting off to sleep easilyand coffee caffeine is in a lot of drinks apart from coffee obviously but for me I knowthat if I have coffee after 1pm in the afternoon I am awake until one o’clock in the morningso cut your caffeine intake down the more the day goes onSo that was 3 free things that you can do today to start you on your weight loss journeyNow if you like what you have heard please give us a thumbs up and join us back herenext Friday for another video And if you make one change this week do 3free things hahah so you don’t die fat.