whats up guys its max owner of Max's best bootcamp and today we're talking about the whole 30 diet the benefits and also reasons why you may fail we're also going to be taking some Q&A this is a totally live unedited broadcast and I'm honored to have my buddy Omar on the show with us today he's just finished the whole30 diet and so he's going to be telling us about his real-life experiences and it will be very helpful hopefully to you what's up more how are you how's it going back thanks for having me absolutely glad to have you on the show Omar and I just quick background we connected on instagram and on instagram you guys you check him out he kind of has like a blog stylet he does and it's fantastic @snickersncippers and so find him there links will be down in the description but let's get right into this you guys let's hop three benefits of the whole30 diet program starting with number one weight loss hands down Omar experience and he's going to tell us a little bit more about you know exactly his experience and then i can tell you through many of my clients who have gone through the whole 30 challenge they did have some great weight loss if they made it through the whole 30 so we'll talk about some of the challenges later the first three things you want to go over the benefits number one weight loss Omar how did did you lose some pounds on the whole 30 oh absolutely it was life-changing this whole program or diet if you will it's incredible i lost 18 pounds wow yeah i gotta stop you there because I mean you guys maybe can tell from him sitting down right now but he was not you would know what you look at and say this guy's overweight obese he's actually a naturally pretty lean guy but for him to lose 18 pounds a month is not normal results especially for his frame um and so that's pretty amazing and that had some other consequences to that will talk about 18 pounds men yeah definitely pounds in just 30 days and i by any means I was not trying to lose weight at all it was just kind of like you know nice experiment to do with friends and see if we could really do this incredibly restrictive diet um but that's the result i got from it as far as weight loss goes during the whole program you will see your you know body you know sighs just decrease your clothes will fit better you look at yourself in the mirror your face look thinner at least minded yeah and we actually I invited all marked down to the boot camp and he was like I think two weeks in right the weekend yeah those two weeks into the whole 30 and I think correct me if I'm wrong eight or ten pounds and a 10 yeah okay so and you know clean guys strong i mean his energy was through the roof during the whole workout we'll talk a little bit more about exactly that little bit later we're gonna move so weight loss if you've had if you experience that whole 30 chime in right now let us know love to hear about some of your weight loss experience on the whole 30 and now we're going to get into reason number two that you should check out whole30 diet and that is fat loss now is what's the difference between weight loss and fat loss so weight loss you can lose weight and not lose inches you can be what we call skinny fat so you're not coming you're not seeing any difference in your waist size body composition is not changing you're seeing the scale change with weight loss but that that that weight loss has to do with water fat and you're losing muscle and so fat loss is really it's more challenging thing but that's what we go after that's one of our specialties that you can and you have to understand that certain diets can help with that loss and then you need the resistance training high-intensity training elements to bolster that and to really see the toning as you're shedding the pounds so Omar you touched on this you said that you're closer fit different not only lose the way but your you know your pant size went down tell us about that yeah absolutely as far as fat loss goes at the end of the program you're just completely shredded because of you know how the program works i mean it's extremely high protein you know basically zero carbs tons of money that's true i mean it's it's not zero car i mean it's it's naturally lower car because you're not taking in a ton of calories which is not calorie restrictive necessarily on what you are eating fruits vegetables nuts seeds and those things have carbohydrates so I got to say you are eating carbohydrates just nodding like the starchy no added sugar no great right absolutely not any of the other likes it like snickers bars exactly exactly none of that none of the process that you can actually doing the hole through the whole 30 diet you can have potatoes you have red potatoes which was probably my go-to thing every time I needed something but yeah ask but it tell us not necessarily as far as the science goes because you're absolutely right i mean you know all of us would do better maintaining a lower body fat percentage if we can scale back on the sugars and starches and overall total carbohydrates at the end of the day I'm so when your actual results experience with the fat loss what things did you notice and five yeah well absolutely I feel like well like i said before my clothes are fitting differently just my my body fat like in my in my arms around my belly everything was just smaller I could see my muscles i get see my my abdominal muscles everything is just completely shredded and that's what I love so much about the whole diet yeah yeah it's been message so glad that you got some great results with that and with this cloud quick question though was this your first time trying the whole 30 diet challenger you try to for this was my first time trying to hold 30 diet that it was definitely difficult but on worth it cool yeah and so let's get into thanks for sharing that man let's get into the top the number three benefit of the whole 30 and that is energy I mean energy levels especially if you're eating like rap before you go on this thing you will notice energy increase and that is in everyday life situations but also as Omar and I were talking with you earlier during the workout I mean when he came to boot camp I that was the only time we actually work together but his energy was high and at some point probably cursing me out during the training session but that's ok nobody likes the trainer during the workout I mean that's a lot but energy levels tell us about that your experience yeah yeah no I appreciate you saying that had a good energy throughout that workout because i was completely right I tell you use it no but definitely i'm doing the full 30 diet my energy and just my mood in general with was better during my regular workouts well I did you know like that crossfit i'm just eating a better diet to rock your whole day eating a healthy balanced breakfast you know whether it be just eggs with avocado and just you know some uncured bacon that holds you through all the way to lunch time and just the way you feel your body throughout your whole day it just makes all the difference where you going to the gym to workout um also during for example like you're ten o'clock break if you have it at work or something you won't feel like crap you know like you you won't feel tired you won't feel like you need a snack I mean of course you you're slow your body slowly adjusting to the changes and the diet itself um but you won't feel like you need that sugar rush to keep you going so that's definitely something I really enjoy yeah and and that could that you might notice that if you're if you do to the 30-day the whole30 challenge you may notice that sooner or later some people it doesn't take effect until you know they're closer and so there's no second third fourth week of that really that transition where your body is more utilizing body fat actually as fuel as opposed to being a sugar burner because reading all this refined food during the day that our audience to get that first before it can really tap into our fat storage cells and that some of the science behind eating the lower carbohydrate low starch and sugar diet and so look those were the top three benefits we're gonna get now we're going to get into three reasons why you may completely fail on this whole 30 challenge I'm so first of all if you're new to the whole 30 the thing is it's 30 days like non-stop if you cheat at all you're done you're off the whole30 you have to completely reset and that's actually the number one reason why you may fail because of the restrictions and dietary restrictions but also if you have like one little morsel chi you're done whole thirties over you gotta restart already think about that yeah absolutely i mean if you accidentally fell into a box of donuts you have to completely restart your diet yeah so that's probably one of the things that was the hardest for me just how restricted diet I mean I don't know who you are because we spoke earlier one thing was I mean your Instagram name is snickers and chipper so you you you like the sum of those sweets but also you know if anybody is used to having you know an adult libation like a cocktail or wine you know that's not approved zero alcohol so that gonna be another part of the restriction that maybe for you not for you mr well actually was a very popular big part of the challenge of this 30 days was no drinking whatsoever right absolutely no drinking at all and that has a lot to do with those three benefits we talked about guys because you're scaling back if you're having a cocktail every night or on the weekend you're having more than one um you know depending on how much you're in taking that right there alone is costing you how to extra calories that you don't even think about and they're not doing any good in fact they're doing harm and so energy levels weight loss and fat loss will all be affected by those things and so cutting that out alone will really is great and you'll notice those benefits and that's one of the keys to the whole 30 i think that's really great it's it's real food base and we're coming out it will come out a lot of stuff and so but we're coming out a lot so what else are we cutting out because it's restricted we know that so alcohols out grains are out processed food zero sugar 0 grains no dairy I'm so any of those are kinda just ringing a bell right now and you're thinking I'm never gonna be able to do that then maybe the whole 30 is not for you and that's totally fine like there's other things that other diet plans that may be helpful to you and maybe the whole 30 is too restrictive three another reason why you might found it going to be a challenge for you is the cost so that's number two is the reason you might fail is because of the cost there's upfront cost to buy and clean wholesome food but my theory is pain our way later you guys Omar how did you know some of the costs tell us about what you experience as far as cost wise on the whole third yeah yeah absolutely i feel like it due to the nature of the program you have to eat like you said extremely whole products you know so real food and your usual trader joes or whole foods run or something like that you know your grocery bill might be a little higher than normal just because you have 2 good go to the fresh produce section maybe once or twice a week to stock up on your veggies and stuff like that so it's definitely way more we totally agree and just as far as that note a great point is as far as cost things cost us in different ways you guys so there's monetary cost there's also arts fine which is the most precious thing that we all have right and so not only are we talking about the cost financially but let's also talk about your time your time you cannot ever get that time back so what do you do with your time is your life and so does you know are you gonna need to meal prep on this diet uh well actually it would be helpful unless you want to buy all of your stuff pre-made by chef or you know a paleo you know approved website and things like that and you can do that but then your costs will skyrocket so you really should learn how to cook some basic things where some staples that you had as far as food just real quick like maybe 45 for meals absolutely right yeah um well meal prepping was essential so on grilled chicken knows all of the vegetables that you could possibly get your hands on just may God vegetable medley up some kind of roasted potatoes definitely I mean just fruits as much as you possibly can have interesting so those are some great staples and the third reason why you may fail on the whole30 challenging not make it through the whole 30 and why may not be right for you is the social interactive drawbacks to eating in such a way so you know it may be one of those things where you if you're used to going to a bar like after work like everyday that's your habit that you have every day and that's going to be a really hard thing if you're going to if you okay so you can still go to the bar you're not drinking so you have a you know waters or seltzer but you're not you're not going to drinking alcohol on this thing so that may be too difficult of a scenario for you to be any might just say I can't go to the bar you know this week tell your friends like hey guys I'm just not feeling the bar because for the club or whatever you like to do maybe it's a fancy restaurant you just can't go out as much as you want to get that really nice wine that you're used to uh so-so the social aspect is nothing wrong with sharing your life and time with your loved ones and friends while eating but in certain social circumstances it may be really challenging to stay focused on the whole30 Omar what do you think yeah absolutely i mean you at every single place you go to even if you even if you don't want to drink you just want to order something off you know the menu everything has canola oil or something that hey you know you can't have on the diet so I'm just being social in general as far as that goes it's extremely difficult so but wanted to tips that the website does you know encourages have people over your place make currently hold the hill and there's a social life sure that's a great point and so this video is not sponsored all by the whole 30 on but it is you know we do believe in it and it could be a good thing for you if it's helpful to your weight loss and fat loss fitness goals but their website is whole 30 calm and we'll have that link description below but you can go there and learn a lot more details that were not hovering specifically in this or if we missed it I you know go to their website they won ton of resources ultimately yeah they wanted to buy their books and their plans and all this stuff with a lot of free resources that you guys can just grab onto that they're they're giving away their and I was talking about drinking before as one as far as the social thing but Omar you're actually right that's a great point like drinking food you know it's just in those settings are you going to be able to stay clean and that's a great tip bring in bringing the gang over get the squad to your place and host a you know clean eating you know fun too night or day or weekend whatever it is they have absolutely yeah so and right now if you like our live on the live broadcast we just want to thank you for joining us I'm this is one of the first times we've actually done like an interview this is the first time we don't interview setting and so if you're have any questions on this for some reason we're not able to see the questions but if you have them after this video we will go through an answer as many of them as we can absolutely and this is going to be posted to our max's best bootcamp youtube channel and it's going to live there so if also if you've had some experiences on the whole30 good or bad or indifferent share those below because want this to be like a interactive community especially down in the comments that's where you can connect with other people that are maybe just like you and they had a similar problem with it or they have killer results like markdown 18 pounds and so great stuff happening in the comments so be sure if you have any questions what will address them there um one thing Omar maybe convulsing on this what happens after 30 days like your your past 30 days so this is like a bonus part of the video right now if you're still watching we appreciate you and so the 30 days over like you know it's your last day you like I needed and then like what happens mentally and and actually happens like a 31 yeah I know definitely I'm its it for me it felt like i was graduating like college or high school or something like it was the last day i just could not wait for on and just mentally it's kind of liberating but at the same time you're like you know i I've come this far on this whole 30 diet like it completely changed my life do I really want to give it all up you know I'm so as far as I as far as what i did i tried to just maintain my whole30 i'm scheduled during the week as much as I possibly could and then on the weekends you kind of indulge a little bit and just you know do your thing with friends and family and stuff like that but yeah I mean it's definitely like changing you you question yourself every time you go to eat something um because you know what's what's behind it and the ingredients that are in it and stuff like that and you know how that made you feel before the whole 30 on so you kind of question it but I mean of course you got to be normal again yeah yeah and know that so what you're saying is it's not sustainable for you to continue that rigid schedule exactly what you found is that you could do it mostly during the week and then you know you pick your night or so on the weekend you know deviate absolutely yeah for me it's definitely not sustainable I mean my page on instagram is all about you know food lifestyle and just fitness in general and also being balanced so I that's the message i portray so if you go to my histogram and see me you know eating doughnuts or like at a restaurant eating crazy dinners then no I don't want you to be like oh well he did the whole 30 you know what happened and I definitely go for the more balanced lifestyle yeah and-and-and you know what we're all different and what balance means to each of us is different and so Omar commend you on finding at least right now what's working for you I mean you know if you experience some extreme weight loss on your first through-hole 30 if you make it through the whole 30 and you experience some weight loss especially like Omar did dramatic will all stay off I it could but chances are because you're gonna be reintroducing even if you did the exact same thing but he reintroduced some of these additional foods you will be taking in more calories and you know as far as weight loss it's a simple numbers game there and so you may put on some weight back and I think for for me that's my biggest challenge with not me personally but with my clients what the biggest challenge of just being on a diet means and that means like okay I'm on a diet now but like I can't i have no balance and you know I i can do this for like a week a month two months but not sustainable and then we lost the weight loss hold on fat loss come to write you know all the fat comes back on and even then some so i think that's the biggest challenge of you is if you don't find what works best for you you're gonna be constantly in this cycle of trying the newest diets and things like that so we just recommend that if you think some of these points with our great and worth trying to give it go it's no big deal if you mess up like start over no problem but you may you may love it and you may not until you have to try things out you only read the only time we actually feeling stop trying I'm so anyway on that note I want to thank our viewers i want to thank especially Omar brother thank you for being on the show absolutely thank you so much for having me and I hope this you know video helps a few people try to get on the whole30 diet bandwagon and see how you like it for sure man for sure and so you know Max's best bootcamp we're on Instagram to you guys can follow us on IG at @maxsbest_ and then if you want to check out more definitely check him out give him a follow great guy and I see him doing big things on Instagram so get in on his account now before he just blows up and you can't even respond to all these comments and stuff and so that's and @snickersnchippers anyway guys if you have more questions post them in the comments section below thank you for watching this whole30 review video we appreciate you & have an awesome day!.

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