you're about to learn the undergroundfat burning secrets of elite bodybuilders celebrities and fitness gurus who use alittle known extreme diet system that literallyforces your body to melt away one to two pounds of stubborn body fat every single day for the first sevendays and then another three quarter one full pound of fat everyday in the two weeks that followed and yes, these results are typical My name is Brian and i want to tell youa secret it's a secret that's taken me over sevenyears to fully understand it's also a secret that the diet andfitness industry doesn't not want you to know about and as much as i hate to see it it's a secret that you are very owndoctor won't even share with you below deep down inside they know it tobe true the secret i'm talking about has to dowith weight loss but not the same old eat less andexercise more type of weight loss that results in losing weight of the snail'space i'm talking about making jar droppingrapid body transformation where after just twenty one days you've lost up to twenty three pounds ormore of q or body fat trend two to four inches off yourwaistline went down two to three dress sizes developed a flatter stomach increased your metabolism skyrocketed your energy levels lost significant inches a fat from yourhips bizet belly enbhat and have taken complete control overyour body weight for the rest of your life i'm talking about the body's ability toeffectively do all of this and more in just twenty one days now i can understand if you areskeptical but let me explain i've been involved in the diet andfitness industry since nineteen ninety nine i'm a certified personal trainer a certified sports nutritionist an author speaker and creator of thethree week a diet uh.

science-based system that hasliterally help thousands of people worldwide to lose weight faster than they everimagined was possible and in the next few minutes i'm going toshare ton of three weight loss information with you so let's get started the first thing you should know is thatthe extra weight you were carrying around isprobably not your fault the fact is there are probably several reasons thatyou've struggled to lose weight in the past and my guess is that you fall into oneor more or of these categories you are getting bad information withregards to how we really gain and lose weight yourself ring from cellular inflammation you're counting calories or focusing onthe eat less exercise more mantra that the medical community has beenbrainwashing us with for decades you don't have an easy to follow step bystep plan of action laid out for you you're not seen real results for the effort you areputting out and your jumping from one diet to the next hoping something will eventually work now let's break these reasons down toget to the specifics number one your getting bad information let's face it there's not a single industry out therethat's filled with more hype than empty promises than that of the diet industry i mean really doesn't it seem like there's a new new faster and better diet product tocome along almost every single day the diet industry spends millions and millions of dollars every year trying toconvince us that they have the answer to our weight loss problems the problem is they don't actually what you know thereal secrets to weight loss because of word were to get out it would surely put a dent in theirmultibillion dollar profit now i've been in the fitness industrysince nineteen ninety nine in that time i've read just about every diet bookweight loss guide clinical trial and medical study inexistence that has to do with weight loss and i'm here to tell you that thereis an absolute ton of bad information floating aroundout there number two yourself a ring from cellularinflammation cellular inflammation is not all lee the culprit of weight gain it's also responsible for increasing theonset of disease which results in a shorter life span most diets that i know of ignore thefact that if we can't take control of cellular inflammation we can effectively in increase your ability to lose weightburn fat increased metabolism and keep body fat from ever coming back in addition to this by taking control ofcellular inflammation you can live a healthier and longer life here's the thing about information about two-thirds of the body's defensesresides in your g_i_ tract now when you're eating the wrong foodsincluding those bad foods that are passed off as being healthy for you those foods even cially wreak havoc onthose defenses when your differences are broken down inflammation game means the upper hand once inflammation takes over your body stores fat more easily and italso can't burn fat as fast as it normally should now if you had trouble losing weight inthe past it's very unlikely that you aresuffering from chronic cellular inflammation that you were not evenaware of one of the key components of my threeweek diet system is that it helps you take control ofthat information and it produces a noticeable effect onyour body almost number three you're counting calories or focusing oneighteen less and exercising more mainstream medicine one system believethat the key to weight loss is simply a matter of the eating less and exercisingmore this is just plain bad science and deepdown inside every doctor knows this this is just a simplistic answer to avery complex question and it fails to take into account yourbody's hormones which have a major impact on whether youare fat or thin the fact is your body does not read allcalories the same in fact there are certain calories thatthat make us fat other calories that prevent us fromburning fat and there's a few really good calories that actually force yourbody to burn fat so the key to weight loss is not counting counties this should be evident by the obesityproblem we have here in the u_s_ losing weight has much more to do witheliminating the bad calories well increasing the good calories using a strategic system that takes intoaccount how your body processes certainnutrients more on this in a bit number four you're not seeing resultsfor all the effort you're putting forth if you've ever done a week or two on anydiet and didn't see significant results you were probably gooden ready to throwin patel so that you could find somethingelse that works no one can blame you for that most diets fail because there simplyaren't enough rewards to keep up with all the sacrifices that need to be made and this is a key component of thethree-week diet as my system is the lonely diet that i know of that focusessolely on producing extremely rapid results from my experience i found that for a diet to be ultrasuccessful there must be a significant amount ofrewards to go along with the effort you put forth when you wake up in the morning to findyourself one to two pounds lighter than you were just twenty four hours ago it tends to provide you with someserious motivation to keep on doing what you're doing this is one of the reasons that thethree-week diet has been so successful for so many people and believe me when you see yourselfdropped just one pound of body fat in just one day you can visualize that in just nine moredays you'll be carrying around ten poundsless of all belief at around your body number five you don't have an easy to follow step bystep plan of action for losing weight this is a big one that played many of myclients until they finally came to me for help there is so much contradictory andmisguided information out there it's no wonder why so many people struggle withtheir weight if you ask ten different fitness expertswhat the best way to lose weight is you're bound to get ten completelydifferent answers who's right who was wrong how do we know you see the true secrets of losing a lotof body fat really fast are out there it's just that most of the informationis fragmented and incomplete and it's because of this that i set outto put together a diet system that doesn't leave you guessing if you are struggling to lose weight what you really need is to be taken by the hair and in shown in these accolade what todo each and everyday while you're on thatdiet and that's exactly what i've done in thethree-week diet system now before i go into the specifics ofthe three-week di and why i am so certain that it can help you lose up totwenty three pounds of pure stubborn body fat in just twenty one days i want to first address a common question that i massed on a regularbasis and that question is this isn't it dangerous to lose this muchweight this fast to answer this question let me firstdefer to doctor michael dancer the medical doctor in weight loss consultantto n_b_c_'s hit t_v_ show the biggest loser here's what he said about losing weightfast in theory one could drop as much astwenty pounds in a week the truth is that nothing is wrong withlosing weight rapidly as long as you do it the right way in my own research i've found that themajority of the safety data out there regarding weight loss has to deal with them methods used for losing weight ratherthan how fast the weight is lost so i'm not really certain where thenotion came from that says the safest or best way to lose weight is at a rate of one to two pounds perweek and consider this according to thecenter for disease control if you are overweight which is defined as having ab_m_i_ if twenty five or higher your significantly more susceptible todeveloping coronary heart disease type two diabetes into a meet real cancer breast cancer colon cancer hypertension dyslipidemia stroke liver disease gallbladder disease sleep apnea respiratory problems osteo-arthritis and gynecological problems considering all the dreadful diseases incomplications associated with being overweight doesn't make perfect sense that youshould be doing everything possible to get rid of all that extra weight yourcarrying around as fast as you can so you're probably wondering how is the three-week diet so differentthan all those other diet plans out there well first of all most of the diet plansout there approach weight loss with a slow and sensible approach yes it's true that if you eat certainfoods and workout really hard for an hour or so every day you will lose weight the problem however is that the weight comes off way too slowly because these types of diet plans don'tattack the stubborn stored body fat let me explain contrary to popular belief most of usactually do burn fat for a couple of hours each day when we eat a meal we typically get abit fatter once that meal has been digested inthose calories have provided us a bit of energy for a few hours we then start to burn off fat and as a result we get a little thinner the fat we consume is broken down intofatty acids these fatty acids are very small andthey were able to travel in and out of cell walls to make themselves availableas energy for the body in those fatty acids can't be used andwe get ready to eat our next meal the remaining fatty acids are storedaway in our fat cells and that's where the problems begin once those fatty acids head back to thefat cells to be stored away for later they combine with two other fatty acidsand reply sir all molecule to create what's known as a triglyceride in relative terms triglycerides are very big and becauseof their size the on able to accept the fat cells likethose free flowing fatty acids can because of this these triglycerides gets stuck insidethe fat cells and can't be used by the body for energy as a result these triglycerides become that stubbornbody fat that is so incredibly difficult to get rid of but here's the thing those triglycerides can be targeted and they can be broken back down intothose fatty acids that can be burned by the body forenergy when we break down those triglycerideit's kind of like dumping rocket fuel into your vehicles gas tank those broken-down triglycerides plugged the body with a great source ofenergy that it actually loves to burn but only when the body has been primedto burn that fact as it is when your following thethree-week diet now again the problem with most dietsout there is that they don't address or target that's stored body fat instead they are designed to burn uponly the fatty acids from the foods we eat and preventing them from turninginto triglycerides in the first place so without adding additional fat thebody and by forcing you to participate in a very strenuous exercise program you can effectively still lose weight the problem is that the weight justcomes off very very slowly and this is what makes the three-weekdiet so unique the three-week diet not only stocks yourbody from forming new triglycerides it also directly targets the stubbornbody fat that you already have while forcing your body to burn that fatfor all of its daily energy needs quite simply what takes most diets twoto three months to accomplish the three-week diet gets done n justtwenty-one days now i probably don't need to tell youthat the key to weight loss is maximizing the number of hours each daythat your body is burning fat with the three-week diet a longer be burning fat for just one totwo hours each day instead you'll affectively turn yourbody into a twenty four seven fat burning machine for that three weekperiod now keep in mind that your body needsenergy on a twenty four-hour basis while most of us think we just needenergy when wearing gauged in some type of physical activity the fact is our bodies are workingdiligently behind the scenes to keep us alive and functioning on atwenty four seven basis yes your body is at work whether you areout for a jog or fast asleep so let me tell you about the three-weekdiet system that i've created and why i am one hundred percent certainthat it will work for you the three-week diet focuses on providingyou will leave the essential nutrients that your body needs for goodhealth and proper functioning while eliminating all those nutrientsthat slow and even stop you from burning fat by combining those foods that worktogether to burn fat the three-week diet works like nothingelse you've ever tried before it does this by addressing your body'shormones and how those hormones affect yourability to burn fat and lose weight in other words the three-week diet provides you with aspecially tailored step-by-step blueprint that tells youwhat to eat how much to eat and when to eat it now the three-week diet is not anotherone of those three hundred page diet novels that bores you with statistics studies in journal excerpts if you're like most people i know youjust want the straightforward step-by-step plan of action that doesn't require any specialabilities or super powers to be successful the three-week diet system is actuallybroken down into four separate manuals each providing you with a quickreference to everything you need for ultrafast body transforming weightloss quick summary of the each manual the introduction manual is a lot morethan just an introduction to the system in this manual i explain in easy terms how we get fat and exactly what it takesto lose weight fast additionally the introduction manual gives you theskinny on what types of foods and supplements are needed to guarantee your wild success over thenext twenty one days this manual provides a wealth ofknowledge that most people in the diet and fitness industry still don't even understand the diet manual is where the rubbermeets the road in the diet manual you'll learn how tocalculate your lean body mass and your current body fat percentage is what that calculation you'll be able to strategically set upthe three-week diet to work specifically for your own body type you'll then get a breakdown of what toeat how much to eat and when to eat it besides sending your body up to burntons of fat the diet manual also gives you might allto matt secret weapon for maintaining your weight for a lifetime while the diet manual alone will provideyou a simple method to follow for losing all the way you desire adding a quality exercise program cannearly double your results the workout manual provides you with astraightforward guided forces your body to release stubborn stored body fat so it can be broken down into fattyacids and burnt for fuel and don't worry if you hate to exercise these quick and easy routines will beover before you know what the fact is short intense full-body exercises pack a fat burningpunch that just can't be beat and because the three-week diet workoutsare only about fifteen minutes long and can be done in your own living room there's no more excuses for not workingout also included in the workout manual ismy top secret ultimate ads exercise that is everything you'll ever need if youwanna flatten your stomach and create a set of sexy six-pack abt many of my customer said said that this exercise alone is worth the entire price of thethree-week diet system mindset and motivation manual the three-week diet mindset andmotivation manual is chock full of tips tricks tools and secrets for losingweight a motivated and reaching your weightloss goals not only for now but for maintaining your new body for life the proper mindset is crucial to yoursuccess and i don't think any other diet on theplanet packs so many tips to help you stay on track as the motivation and mindset manualdoes okay i could go on and on talking aboutall the tremendous rapid weight loss benefits you'll find in the three weekdot at the bottom line is this the three-week diet works and not onlydoes it really work it works really really fast so if you were just looking for a way toget rid of that dangerous body fat quickly or maybe just trying to drop twelve totwenty pounds or so to get ready for a wedding high school reunion beachvacation or some other special event the three-week diet is guaranteed towork for you you really have to options at this point you can click away from this page inlook for something else that may or may not help you lose all the way you want you can go on being preoccupied withwanting to lose weight and struggling to lose weight you can take action right now and the one hundred percent assured thatyou will lose a tremendous amount of body fat over the next twenty one days and listen i've been active in the diet and fitnessindustry for well over a decade in that time i've developed a stellar reputation ofwhich i'm extremely proud what i'm trying to say is this i spent the better part of a year tweaking in testing the three-week dietbefore i finally made it available to the public in doing so i made sure that everythingwas covered and that nothing was left out and to put it bluntly i would never putmy name on an inferior product that didn't work now because i don't want price to standin the way of you being able to shed up to twenty three pounds of body fat overthe next twenty one days i've priced at the three-week diet aslow as i possibly could so that anyone who is serious about losing weight can finally do so without fail i'd currently charged by personalclients one hundred dollars per hour for one-on-one attention and i'm booked up for six hours everyday but i'm not going to charge you onehundred dollars for the three-week diet system in fact i'm not even going to chargehalf of that even though i am certain you'll agree that it would be well worthit instead when you invest in thethree-week diet today your going to get the entire system the introductionmanual their diet manual the workout manual and the mindset and motivation manual which together make up a ninety sevendollar value all for just thirty seven dollars and the best part is that you don't haveto pay for shipping or wait around down for the diet to arrive at yourdoorstep because i've made it available byinstant download this way you can have the entire fatburning system in your head hands in less than two minutes fromright now and when you place your order today your going to get my one hundred percentno or nonsense guarantee to go with it now final of the diet works and so dothousands of others around the world who have experienced ultra effective fatloss and record time but i'd totally understand that youmight be skeptical and because of that i want to make sure that you are onehundred percent comfortable with your decision to order the three-week dietsystem today simply put if you follow the three-weekdiet as outlined and for some reason you don't experiencesignificant and rapid weight loss to the tune of twelve to twenty three pounds a two to four introduction from yourwaistline a drop of two to three dress sizes significant fat loss from yourhips fayaz belly and bought and increasing your metabolism and moreenergy than you have right now or if you're just not satisfied with athree week diet for any reason whatsoever just let me know anytime within the nextsixty days an aisle issue you a fast and courteousrefund with no questions asked as well as a great big thank you justfor giving my system in honest try i don't think i can be any fairer thanthat all you need to do is click the orderbutton right now and you'll have the entire three-week diet system in yourhands in less than 2 minutes, and don't forget all the risk is on me – not you.

Thanks you for taking the time to watch this video I look forward to hearing about your weight loss success.

less than two and don't forget all the risk is on me not you thank you for taking the time to watchthis video and i look forward to hearing about yourweight loss success.

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