Hi Viewrs today i'm going to share weight loss by chia seeds chia seeds are also known as subja seeds and sweet basil seeds sweet basil seeds helps in reducing weight these seeds helps to get flat belly these subja seeds helps in reducing bad cholesterol and promotes good cholestorl these seeds regulates blood flow these battle seeds contains more fiber and it helps in weight loss these are powerhouse of antioxidants these seeds promote immune system and regulates digestive system these seeds are good source of iron copper calcium phosphorus and these seeds regulates insulin and cures diabetes these are good for weight loss let's start the process take chia seeds into a bowl add some water and salt chia seeds for half- our after half not take so good basil seeds mix in one glass of water stire it will these basil seeds are having omega-3 fatty acids helps to reduce weight loss daily you can take this glass of water and you can reduce your weight in short period you can take these seeds in RAW form you can add in juices salad and also can add in your soup these basil seeds reduces sweet and promotes good health you can get quick results thank you for watching this video subscribe for more videos like and share this video on social websites.