hey everyone this is Alek with the change your life diet i'm here sharing my weight loss tips with you so you can lose weight fast now in this video I want to answer the question what is the most important meal of the day well i'm going to surprise you it's not breakfast like everyone thinks it's actually dinner dinner is the most important meal of the day when you think about it in terms of weight loss so what you eat for dinner and your evenings rituals after dinner 100-percent determines whether you will gain weight lose weight or maintain your way so it's very important to focus your eating habits if you're interested in losing weight on your dinner meal and what you do after dinner now the most powerful thing you can do if you want to lose weight is have a healthy dinner consisting of nothing but vegetables pretty much go vegan for dinner ok you are allowed to eat whatever during the day it really makes no difference you're gonna burn it off because you're active and alive during the day you don't need to do anything in particularl you don't need to go to the gym and do cardio just don't lie around and vegetate on the couch all day so you will burn off whatever you eat early in the day but for dinner nothing but vegetables be vegan for dinner why because vegetables first of all they have they have a very high water content you're pretty much eating a lot of water and they fill you up they are highest in nutrient density and lowest and calories so you can eat a lot of a huge huge portion of vegetables and you can fill yourself up and you're giving yourself very very few calories and a lot of water now in my system the change your life diet i go into specifics about you know certain recipes and what meals to eat but i'm not going to get into that right now so you want me to help you know you want to eat an early dinner as early as possible if you give yourself enough time to fast in the evening and you also want to not snack afterwards so you want to fast in the evening time fasting in the evening time is the most powerful thing you can do to lose a lot of weight quickly now the other side of the coin when you answer the question of what is the most important meal a day is breakfast because breakfast it you know the traditional responses that whatever you eat it fuels your body you're giving your body fuel for the day which will get burned off and consumed now you know one slight thing to that is that with the way I look at it is breakfast time is your opportunity to eat whatever crap garbage food you want not that I'm saying you should be in that but it's an opportunity to eat unhealthy things just for psychological reasons and it's guilt free you get to get away with eating whatever you want guilt-free and it's like it's like having a psychological boost so when you're fasting at night and we're having that dinner which you know might not be the most enjoyable dinner you can always mentally think about that you're going to allow yourself to have a crazy meal for breakfast and even for lunch so there you have it i hope you liked this video I hope you click the like button please subscribe for future videos please leave me your comments your thoughts in the suggestion comment section below and also if you're interested check out my website to change your life diet.

Com i challenge you to find a better diet system you get to lose a ton of weight you get to eat a lot of your favorite foods you get to lose a lot of weight really really quickly and you never have to exercise and I guarantee it's going to work for you what more would you want people so if you want more information about it there is a link in the description below and all you gotta do is click on it so you go we have a great day and check out my website and change life diet it just might change your life take it easy.

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